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Leading maths education charity, OCEAN MATHS, to leave a lasting legacy through funding other charities working to the same charitable aims  

Since 2001, Ocean Maths has worked tirelessly with 1000s of pupils, parents and schools to improve children’s attainment in mathematics by engaging pupils, teaching staff and parents together.
Ocean Maths has been at the cutting edge of mathematics and numeracy education in London. Our work was born out of the spirit of the New Deal in the Community and work in Tower Hamlets, and expanded through London Challenge and City Challenge, at a time when less focus was being placed on maths learning through collaborative partnerships with parents, pupils and schools.
However, as numeracy’s profile has developed, new initiatives and organisations have moved into a similar space, including the network of Maths Hubs, London Teaching Schools and The Greater London Authority's London School Excellence Fund.
Ocean Maths is delighted to see this progress. As a charity our charitable objectives are our priority and we now believe that we can better pursue our cause by using our assets to support other organisations working in this field.
We have therefore taken the difficult decision to wind up the organisation and share our learning, knowledge and funds as part of Ocean Maths’ lasting legacy. We believe that other organisations, with greater infrastructures, will be better able to effect change in pursuit of our charitable objects. 
Ocean Maths today releases information on how to apply for funding as part of its legacy strategy and welcomes applicants from a range of organisations working towards children’s attainment in maths. Please download and review the application for funding information guidance and application form on this page.
The Chair of Trustees, Gareth Jones says:
“Although we are sad to see the closure of Ocean Maths we are excited about our work to ensure the lasting legacy of the charity by supporting organisations working towards our charitable aims.
I’m so proud of Ocean Maths’ impact to date and our legacy work highlights another achievement in our work to support children’s mathematics attainment, whilst being true to the changing climate. I would like to personally thank everyone who has supported us as part of this journey. Most importantly we want to thank the teachers, parents and children who have worked together to improve children’s attainment in maths. A special thank you to our CEO who recently stepped down, Bhupinder Singh. Bhupinder led the organisation since its conception and her passion and commitment to the cause was invaluable.”

If you have any questions contact the office at or call the office on 020 7790 2998. The closing date for applications is 9am on 1st February 2016. 

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